It's a professional learning day today. These days are always so peaceful.
What in the world was that?
Grayson! Where are you?
What can I do for you, Principal Vue?
What just walked by? I think it was a zombie!
Uh, that was our presenter for the day.
Are you kidding me? What will he do to our teachers?
Yikes! I'm scared, too. We better go check it out.
If that's our presenter, our professional learning program is in need of some serious help.
We paid a lot of money for this guy to speak! Did you see what he was doing to our teachers?
They appear to be in various degrees of transformation to zombies, Principal Vue.
Let's move into the faculty room to talk about this.
What have we done to our teachers? It's our fault that we've exposed them to such ineffective professional learning.
We didn't understand the consequences of uninteresting, inapplicable seminars.
And just think what might happen to the students!
Then what can we do?
I wish I could just see inside our teachers' heads and find out exactly what is happening.
Actually, there's an app for that. Check this out!
Last night I was learning how to put together a course in Edivate. I believe Edivate courses could dezombify our teachers by activating those parts of their brains that will produce the most professional growth.
Sounds like a good place to start. I know what I want to accomplish, I just need a powerful tool to bring our goals about.
I'll tell you what I know. Let's go.

Wow! This shows us what is going on in their brains!

So what is your assessment?

Look how unstimulated the engaged area of the brain is! We need to get an antidote quickly before their passion for teaching wanes.

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