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Match each statement with the icon of the evidence type you would use to enter evidence in to your learning plan.

A list of videos containing content you have chosen to watch at a later time.
Enables Edivate to prescribe video content matching your experience and interests.
Prompt you to internalize what you learned from viewing video content.
Available 72 hours after submitting Reflection Questions.
Enable you to collaborate with others by sharing news, resources, tasks, and more.
Engage in collaborative discussions only.
Provides video content information, resources, and lesson ideas.
Reflection Questions
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What Have You Learned Today?

You were right. Edivate isn’t just one more thing to do. I see now how using Edivate regularly can help me with everything I do for my students.
Great! By learning with video, collaborating in groups and communities, and reporting the achievement of your goals, Edivate will be a powerful tool in helping you accomplish your professional learning- your way.


Continue using Edivate by watching videos, joining additional groups for ideas and resources, and collaborating with others in Edivate communities.

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Course Survey

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1. The learning experience was presented in an interesting way.


2. I learned something that will help me in my job or change how I approach my job.


3. What would improve the online learning experience?