Edivate looks simple enough to use, but how exactly does it help me improve?
I'm about to show you. First, give me an example of something you would like to change.
I've always wanted a stronger physique.
How about something that will help your students?
Oh. Right. Well, I could use some strengthening in how I teach reading strategies.

Areas of Focus

What are some areas of focus for the goals you are going to set?

Getting it Inside

What is on your head?
That feels good. I think I’m healthier already.
By taping a vitamin to your head? What are you thinking?
I’d like to improve my health, and I know vitamins can help.
But that isn’t doing you any good at all! You have to get it inside to make a difference!
Of course. I'm just helping you understand how using the resources in Edivate will help you internalize what you learn from the extensive video library, rather than just passively watching.
It's true. I'd be an expert on funny cat behavior by now if all I had to do is watch videos.
Exactly. Let's look at the process that will help you find the right videos for your goals and help you internalize what you watch.


The first step is to find the right video by performing a search in Edivate. Use key words from your area of focus to type in the search box.

View and Learn

Look for ideas you can apply as you watch the video. Additional Resources attached to the video like the Guidebook, Audio file, and Transcript can all be downloaded to help you as well. Then, look at Related Videos to see if there are other video segments or programs that will help you.

Reflection Questions

Reflection questions are included with Edivate videos, and will prompt you to think about what you are learning and how it can help you become a better educator. Reading the reflection questions before you watch a video will prepare you to apply what you have learned.


Reflection questions will encourage you to try something new in the way you teach or lead. Take this information to your classroom and give it a try. Monitor what works and what doesn't, and make plans accordingly.

Follow-Up Questions

Follow-up questions are available for you 72 hours after you have completed the reflection questions. They encourage you to further integrate the video's principles into your own practice and make continued improvements and plans for becoming a more powerful educator.

Practice the Learning with Video Process

To help you see where these features are in the system, practice searching for reading strategies, watching a video titled Strategies for Before, During, and After Reading PreK - 3rd, viewing a guidebook, answering a reflection question, and adding an additional segment video to your queue.

  1. Type reading strategies in the search box and press Enter or Return.
  2. Click 3rd in the Grade(s) drop-down list.
  3. Access the video by clicking the image of the Strategies for Before, During … video.
  4. Scroll down by clicking anywhere on the screen.
  5. Access the guidebook. Click the Guidebook/Lessson Plan icon to display the guidebook. Then click anywhere on the screen to close it.
  6. Answer a reflection question. Type I really like using … in the reflection questions answer box.
  7. Scroll down by clicking anywhere on the screen.
  8. Click Additional Segments to view related segments.
  9. Scroll down by clicking anywhere on the screen.
  10. Add the first video to your queue.
  11. Now you know how to watch a video, access additional resources and segments, and answer reflection questions.

Learning with Video Activity

Read each situation and match them with the feature that will best meet the need.

Hazel just watched a great video and found herself asking "I wish I could see the lesson plan this teacher used!"
John applied what he saw in an Edivate video in his class and wants to reflect on the results.
Helen would like the chance to listen to the audio from this video while she is exercising tomorrow morning.
Jack would like to share the video that he just watched with his entire PLC group.
Hannah would like to find the list of videos that she had selected to watch later after she searched for videos related to her goals.
Jim would like to find another video that matches his career interests and experience, but isn't quite sure where to look.
Follow-Up Questions
Audio File
Share Video
Add to Queue
Related Videos

Other Ways to Find Video Segments

Student engagement is a big concern in my district right now. Is there a way for my administrators to recommend videos for me to watch?
Certainly. Using Focus Objectives, your district can suggest videos for the entire faculty.

Watching Video and Answering Reflection Questions

Locate one of your district's Focus Objectives. Watch a video and answer and submit at least one Reflection Question.

  1. Click the Main Menu > Learning Targets.
  2. Click Focus Objectives.
  3. Navigate through the objective folders to find a video.
  4. Click the preview image to play a video you want to watch.
  5. After watching, answer the reflection questions associated with the video. The answers you type will be automatically saved.

Click the link to access Edivate and complete the task.

Watch a Video and Answer Reflection Questions


Search for two videos associated with your goals and add them to your queue.

By clicking the Accept button, you are accepting the challenge to perform the task in Edivate.