Course Detailed Report

Thanks Grayson, for helping me know how to ensure our teachers get the professional learning they deserve. We won't subject them to inefficient and zombie-inducing sessions any more.
I'm glad I can help. It's the content of the course and how well you use the tools to facilitate that will really help our educators increase their effectiveness.

Course Scenarios

Each scenario below is a concern or question from another educator about your course. Read the scenario and as a course administrator or facilitator take steps to help solve the problem.

Scenario 1

"I can't do all of this facilitating myself! Can you please make Mrs. Johnson a facilitator too?"

  1. Click On-Demand and then click Course.
  2. Click Course User Tools.
  3. Click anywhere on the page to scroll down.
  4. Select Penny Johnson and then click Add facilitator.
  5. Good job! Make others facilitators to monitor and help run your course.

Scenario 2

"For our PLC this week we, Scott Lansing, Tony Castaloni, and Sonja Portis as a small group, watched the Emergency Preparedness Introduction video. How can we all get credit if we were logged in as one person?"

  1. Click On-Demand and then click Course.
  2. Click Facilitation.
  3. Click Browse by Task.
  4. Click Videos to open the folder and then click Introduction.
  5. Click anywhere on the page to scroll down.
  6. Mark this video task complete for Scott, Sonja, and Tony.
  7. Well done.

Course Survey

We want your feedback! Please tell us about your experience with this course.

1. The learning experience was presented in an interesting way.


2. I learned something that will help me in my job or change how I approach my job.


3. What would improve the online learning experience?