Training on observations? I can't imagine worse!
You seem concerned. What would you prefer to do over performing an observation?

Would You Rather?

Which would you prefer?

Introduction to Observation 360


Watch the video explaining how Observation 360 is designed to make your observation process easier.


Which would you prefer; conducting observations for the rest of your life, being cut in half, or swimming with sharks? What is it about observations that would lead you to consider the sharks and cut-in-half options?

Maybe you feel like the tools you use to schedule and conduct observations look like this: a little old and out-of-date. Observation 360 offers you a set of modern tools that will not only make your tasks easier, but will also increase the positive impact of observation for your educators.

With Observation 360, you can conduct observations on a smart phone or tablet, as well as your computer. The program will enable you to easily conduct both informal and formal observations, track the status of observations, measure educator progress over time, and provide educators with specific feedback to aid in their growth.

No matter your experience with observation tools in the past, Observation 360 will simplify the process for you and increase your ability to help teachers become more effective.

Overview of the Course

You seem to get my plight. I really want to help our educators reach their professional learning goals; I just don't have the tools to do it well.
Observation 360 is designed to be focused on growth, and to provide immediate feedback in a non-threatening manner. I'm here to help you learn what you need to know about Observation 360, so you can become a more effective and efficient observer in your teachers' classrooms.