What Have You Learned?

While your methods are certainly unorthodox, I can see how the set of tools in Observation 360 will help me serve my educators without tempting me to swim with the sharks.
I'm glad to hear it! Let's test your knowledge, just to make sure.

Test Your Knowledge

Read each request and match it with the report that will best provide the desired information.

I need to see how Mr. Johnson did on the preparation indicators on the last observation?
Have all of the teachers finished their assigned readings from the last observation?
How has the school improved on the District Observation Template? I need the numbers on those weighted indicators.
I need to know if all of the observations for our district observation template have been submitted.
Please send me the report of how everyone has done on the preparation indicators for our school.
I need the summary of Mrs. Johnson’s last formal evaluation please.
Results Over Time by Template
Status By Educator
Progress by Template for School/District
Status by Template
Results by Template
Progress by Template

You will want to transfer data from your mobile device to the web version of Observation 360 for all of the following reasons except:

  1. To finish writing more detailed notes
  2. To submit your final version of the observation
  3. To type in post-observation instructions and due dates
  4. To continue the observation in an area with no Internet access

The templates you will use for your observations will largely come from which source?

  1. Your instructional coaches
  2. School and district officials
  3. Edivate home page

Reports in Observation 360 that show you what stage of completion observations are in are called:

  1. Status reports
  2. Progress reports
  3. Result reports
  4. Process reports

Course Survey

We want your feedback! Please tell us about your experience with this course.

1. The learning experience was presented in an interesting way.


2. I learned something that will help me in my job or change how I approach my job.


3. What would improve the online learning experience?