In Action

What are you doing?
These stubborn ingredients, they won't do what they're told. I want them to put themselves together!
That's ridiculous. You can't ... Wait. You're trying to teach me something, aren't you?
How did you guess?
Our goals just won't assemble themselves either. We have to do something in order for them to succeed!
Just like ...
You need to do things for your recipe to work: mix, dice, cut, and slice.
Let's talk about the kinds of activities that will help bring your goals to life.

Brainstorm Proposed Activities

What are some learning activities you might propose?

Create Proposed Activities

Add a proposed activity to your goal folder named Watching Reading Strategies Video and type I will search Edivate for the description.

  1. Click your newly created Reading Strategies folder.
  2. Click the Insert List .
  3. Click Proposed Activites.
  4. Rename the folder to Watching Reading Strategies Video.
  5. Add a description for the proposed activity: I will search Edivate ... and then click Save.
  6. Very good. Now you have a folder to organize your learning activities.