My Portfolio

Uploading evidence is a great idea. It really helps me think about how I'm accomplishing my goals.
That’s the idea! What else have you learned today?
A learning plan, like a recipe, structures your professional learning.
Yes! And SMART goals and proposed activities are like ...
... The ingredients and actions needed to bake your PD dish. Goals don’t accomplish themselves, just like ingredients don’t put themselves together!
Exactly. And uploading evidence and sharing your plan is like ...
Taking your dish out of the oven and giving it to the judges. It shows how you accomplished your goals.

Review What You've Learned

Match each statement with the icon of the evidence type you would use to enter evidence in My Portfolio.

Edivate had several segments that modeled successful math instruction for me.
My principal was able to document my growth in classroom management as she watched me teach.
Edivate had a sequence of videos, discussion boards, and other activities to help me learn about reading comprehension.
I found a great website that provided me with great ideas for strengthening my lesson plans.
My students' scores, as recorded on this Excel sheet, show evidence of having achieved my goal.
Attending this conference was the most helpful step in accomplishing my goal.

My Portfolio Planning Worksheet

Enter a goal, proposed activities, and ideas for evidence in this planning worksheet to help you determine how you will enter your plan into My Portfolio.

Course Survey

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1. The learning experience was presented in an interesting way.


2. I learned something that will help me in my job or change how I approach my job.


3. What would improve the online learning experience?