You know that I think Edivate is a great system. But that doesn't automatically mean it will work.
Yes, you're right. What problem do you foresee?
An obvious one: what if the teachers just don't use it? I can't make them, even if I think it will help them.
That's true. But your example can go a long way in showing them how valuable Edivate is in meeting their personal professional learning goals.

How to Model

Whenever educators, or, let’s be honest here, pretty much all human beings, are asked to embrace new behaviors or systems, they will always pause just long enough to verify that their leaders are willing to fully engage in it as well. When leaders demonstrate the value the new system brings, others will often follow.
When you actively use Edivate, you provide a model that increases the likelihood that your faculty will do the same. Not only does Edivate have great content for educators, it features professional learning for school and district leaders as well.

Sharing Links to Content Resources

This modeling thing makes sense to me. If I light the fire, hopefully it will spread.
Exactly! What would be an Edivate "match" that would light the fire in your educators?
There are several videos that I really like; they sure lit my fire.
How can you spread that enthusiasm?
I need to share those links with my educators. If I get in the habit of recommending videos to my educators often, it will light their fire!
I agree. Fortunately there are some easy ways to share using Edivate.

Share a Link to a Video

Share the video named Classic: COPE Strategy-Instructional by searching for Instructional Strategies. Search and share with Scott Lansing and Sharon Holt in SINET District, UT.

  1. Type Instructional Strategies in the search box.
  2. Select the Classic: COPE Strategy-Instructional segment card.
  3. Click the Share button.
  4. Search for Scott Lansing from the SINET District and add her to the list of recipients.
  5. Search for Sharon Holt from the SINET District and add her to the list of recipients.
  6. Type the message This video may be helpful ….
  7. Click Share.
  8. An email with your message and a link to the video has been sent to the recipients.

Settings for Modeling

I'm trying to think of other opportunities for sharing Edivate resources with my educators.
That's a great idea. Any setting where you are meeting to help improve educator effectiveness could be an appropriate time to share with educators.

Identify Settings to Model Using Content

Think about all of the possible settings in which you might integrate Edivate content and demonstrate its use and application. Then mark your responses or enter your own.

Collaborative Viewing

Ok, I'm excited as I think of all the ways I can model using Edivate for my educators. One of them is showing videos in faculty meetings. But I know what Mrs. Perkes is going to say.
What is that?
"If I'm here watching a video with you, I should at least get credit for it!!"
Well, she's right!
I know. I just wish I could give it to her.
You can! Using the Collaborative Viewing feature in Edivate, you can award credit to Mrs. Perkes and others. You can also assign the reflection and follow-up questions aligned with the video you have shown.
Excellent! What do I need to do?
First, you create a list of faculty that commonly attend a certain meeting. Then you can award the credit.

Create a Faculty List

Create a new Collaborative Viewing List titled Instructional Coaches. Add Ian Alexander and three more educators listed under Ian to the list and then remove Ian.

  1. Click Admin Tools.
  2. Click Choose a page … and then Viewing List Creation.
  3. Scroll down by clicking anywhere on the screen.
  4. Create a new list titled Instructional Coaches.
  5. Click the Create New list button.
  6. Select the newly created list.
  7. Add Ian Alexander to the list by clicking on the green plus button next to his name.
  8. Add the next three names.
  9. Remove Ian Alexander from the list by selecting his name in the Group Members box and clicking the red minus button.
  10. Very good. Now you know how to add and remove people from a list.

Award Viewing Credit

The members of the Instructional Coaches group all viewed the secondary edition of the Student-Led Conferences video in the Assessment For Learning topic on November 8th. Award them viewing credit for the video and require the reflection questions.

  1. Click Choose a page … and then Collaborative Viewing.
  2. Scroll down by clicking anywhere on the screen.
  3. Choose the date of the viewing for Step 1.
  4. Select November 8th.
  5. Check the box to Require reflection questions for Step 2 .
  6. Select the Instructional Coaches group for Step 3.
  7. Select the Assessment For Learning file.
  8. Select the Secondary Edition file.
  9. Scroll down by clicking anywhere on the screen.
  10. Select the Student-Led Conferences video.
  11. Click the Apply Viewing Credit button to complete Step 5 and awarding viewing credit.
  12. Click Yes to confirm the application of viewing credit.
  13. Great!