Another day at work and so much to do.
Help! I need to work on professional learning in Edivate, but I’ve forgotten my password.
Sure, No problem. Let me just ...
Help! I need to setup district Focus Objectives for the new school year, but I don’t have access to the Admin application in Edivate.
Yes. Okay. I can do that just as soon as I ...
Help! I’ve transferred to a new school in the district, but Edivate still has me associated with my old school.
I’ll take care of that just as soon as I configure the proxy server for ...
Help! I still can’t get into Edivate!
Right. I’ll get to that ASAP. Just give me ...
Help! Attached to this email is a list of the new teachers I’ve hired. Please set up accounts for them in Edivate.



Watch the video introducing you to the topics we will be covering in this course.


As the administrator of any system, the constant barrage of questions and requests from users can sometimes overwhelm you. As you quickly move from one task to another, it can feel like you are trapped in a never-ending, 8-bit video game in which a genetically engineered, maniacal squirrel, intent on world domination, is out to get you.

Maniacal Squirrel’s plan for world domination is to disrupt the professional learning and growth of educators everywhere - starting with educators who use Edivate. For your school or district, you may be the only thing standing between your teachers and the effects of his evil plan.

To defeat Maniacal Squirrel, you must find the power-ups to transform yourself into an Admin Ninja by learning how to: send and reset passwords for teachers who forget their Edivate login information; manage user accounts when your district gets new teachers, a teacher moves from one school to another, or when a teacher leaves the district altogether; and manage system privileges to ensure that every administrator has access to the features and tools they need.

Insert your quarter and press play; it’s time to begin.

On-Demand Tools

Bring it on, squirrel! I have on-demand tools that can easily defeat you.
If you think that winning a game of buzzword bingo will stop me, think again!
The on-demand admin tools in Edivate are more than just buzz. They can overcome any challenge you throw at me!
Puny human. Once your educators cannot access their professional learning resources, you will be powerless to stop me.

User Tools

Just like most other video game heroes, you have special "super powers" that differentiate you from others. For Edivate, these special powers are called User Tools.