Face it, squirrel. The administrative tools in Edivate are just too much for you. You can't disrupt professional learning in our district.
It is true. Now I'll never rule the world. Never!
Why don't you just open a string of deparment stores that provide horrible customer service instead? That will for sure put you on the path to world domination.
Brilliant! People will spontaneously explode when they have to run the gauntlet to purchase even the simplest of items!

Matching Tasks to Problems

Match each statement to the task that would fulfill the request.

I'm so sorry, but I forgot my password. Can you help me?
I need to log in to Edivate but I don't remember my username and password!
I am new to the district and I am supposed to speak to you about getting my professional learning account started.
I want to start creating some custom courses in Edivate.
Reset the password
Send username and password information
Add a new user
Grant access to On-Demand Admin Tools

Course Survey

We want your feedback! Please tell us about your experience with this course.

1. The learning experience was presented in an interesting way.


2. I learned something that will help me in my job or change how I approach my job.


3. What would improve the online learning experience?