Task Types

I have my course titles: Classroom Management, New Employee Orientation and Proper First Aid Procedures in Classrooms.
Perfect. With this planning completed, we can match these desired learning activities with Edivate course task types.
How can we do that?
I put together a short course on courses. It will help you understand how to register and then see all of the task types in action, but let me first introduce the course task types.

Introduction to Course Task Types

Read each statement and match them with the course task type used to perform the action.

Participants will start a new discussion.
Participants will submit their work.
Participants will read information.
Participants will access documents.
Participants will add to a discussion.
Participants will watch a video.
Participants will access a website.
Participants will answer questions.
Forum Begin
File Upload
File Download
Forum Post
Offsite Link
Multiple Choice

Register and Take Task Types Course

Wow! I have a lot of options to add to my course.
Exactly. Let's get registered for the course I made on courses to see what the tasks look like in a real course.
Register? I'm having college flashbacks.
It isn't that bad. You can access and register for courses through your Learning Targets in Edivate.

Register and Access the Course in Edivate

Watch this quick video that demonstrates how to register and access my course.
That's it?
Yep, just click the link below to access Edivate, then enter the registration code UGC220599X453495 in the Courses section in your Learning Targets. Oh, be sure to come back when you complete the course so we can build one ourselves.

Link to access Edivate and Task Trianing course.

Self-Guided Learning Course - Task Training

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