Individual Usage Report

My principal is wanting to know how much I've used Edivate in my professional learning. Is there a way I can find how many videos I've watched?
Certainly. You need the Individual Usage Report. It documents videos you’ve watched, minutes you have viewed, reflections questions you have answered, and other important things.

Viewing Your Individual Usage Report

View your Individual Usage Report starting from March 7th and ending June 30th.

  1. Click the Personal Reports tab.
  2. Change the beginning date of the date range to March 7th and ending date to June 30th.
  3. Click Generate Report to view the Individual Usage Report.
  4. Now you can view or print your Individual Usage Report to track your progress.

Providing Evidence

Wow! I’m impressed with how much is already on my Individual Usage Report.
I’m impressed too! Just wait and see how impressive the report will be after using Edivate regularly.


Download your own Individual Usage Report.

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