Life After a Course

Our educators have taken the antidote by registering for the course.
And we’ve made sure they’ve internalized it by facilitating their course tasks.
I’m finally starting to feel like we might survive this! But we’re not done are we? Hey wake up!
Sorry! Its been a long day! No we’re not quite done.
We need to make sure that our educators complete all of the tasks and completely eliminate all traces of this zombie virus. Then we can make sure we never do this to them again.
You're right. Edivate contains three ways to help us understand if our course has accomplished our purpose.

Run Course Reports

Run a Course Detail Report to monitor your participants progress.

  1. Click Course Reports.
  2. Click the Choose a report type list and select Course Detailed Report.
  3. Click Generate Report.
  4. Good job! Run course reports to monitor your course.

Course Detailed Report

So tell me about this Course Detailed Report.
Much like the Browse by User tab in Facilitation, you have a list of tasks organized by each participant in the class.

Read the Course Detailed Report

Which educator should you help to complete the course?

  1. Tony Castaloni
  2. Michael Chang
  3. Pete Cunningham

Course Summary Report

Sometimes I don't need all of that detail though. I may just want to quickly assess who has completed, or in this case, not completed a course.
The Course Summary Report will take care of that for you. It lists all the participants and their course status.

Individual Course Report

That's a good report for me. But what if I wanted even more detail than the Course Detail Report. I'd like to see responses to questions and the total viewing time on the videos in the course.
You can print an Individual Course report for each participant for whom you want to see these kinds of details.

Read the Individual Course Report

Which task has the participant submitted, but still needs to be facilitated?

  1. Introduction
  2. Emergency Preparedness Resources
  3. Classroom Drill Ideas
  4. FEMA Checklist