After a Long Day...

I'm exhausted. But I think my class is finally understanding.
It's true, you did some great things today.
Thanks. Wait! What in the … ?
Relax. It’s just me. I mean, it’s just you.
OK. I must be more tired than I thought. I’m talking to myself now.
I’m not just yourself, I’m your better self. I’m the teacher you could be, and will be, after I share a few things with you.
Well, I always want to improve. But how are you, I mean, how am I, going to help myself do that?
Just watch.

What is Edivate Review?


Watch the video introducing you to the topics we will be covering in this course.


Most mornings, our days all start about the same way.You hop in the shower, dry yourself off,and then position yourself in front of the mirror.

The concept behind using a mirror is simple. You look at your reflection and compare what you see with how you wish you looked. You then make small adjustments until what you see matches what you envision in your mind. Sometimes you also use the feedback of others to understand how you look and make adjustments based on their advice.

Accurately evaluating and changing your teaching could happen in the same manner, if you only had a mirror that could help you see and reflect on your current practice.

Welcome to Edivate Review, a tool for uploading and annotating videos so you can evaluate and improve your teaching. Like a mirror, Edivate Review will help you compare your current practice with the improved practice you envision. Other educators can also participate, providing you with valuable feedback for making the changes that will have the most impact on accomplishing your professional goals.

Accessing Edivate Review

Edivate Review is an upgrade and requires an additional license. Your organization must have an active license for Edivate Review in order to use these features.