Finding a Recording Device

Alright self, this is a great idea! Where do we start?
We first need to put you in front of the mirror, so to speak. We need a video!
Is there a type of camera that works best with Edivate Review? Because last night I just pulled out this huge VCR Camera mom gave us in 1989.
You can upload video files in a variety of formats, but I think you are going to be better off with a camera that was built in this century.

Recording Device Checklist

Check the items that should be requirements on the recording device checklist.

  1. A large amount of free disk space
  2. Uses removeable tapes
  3. Saves files in standard video containers such as mp4 or mov
  4. Sufficient processing power
  5. Must connect to a computer


Prepare to Record

My iPad is all set up to record! I even have a tripod.
Hold on now. I see a couple of problems.
Hey, I haven’t even recorded anything yet!
Not problems with us, just our classroom setting. Remembering just a few things will make a difference in the quality of our video recording.

Setting the Stage to Record

Drag the camera, teacher, and lighting icons in the map of the room below to ensure your classroom is set up appropriately for recording. The scene will adjust as you move the objects around. Pay attention to:

  1. Camera placement.

    Whether you are using a webcam, smartphone or other recording device, make sure it is placed in a location that has the most unobstructed view of the classroom.

  2. Your position.

    You won't often be stationary, but understanding where you will likely be during the recording session is an important factor.

  3. Audio levels.

    Cameras should be placed close enough that the audio can be clearly heard, but not so close that the high signal levels cause distortion.

  4. Lighting.

    If needed, lighting should be removed from behind your position to aid with increased visibility.

Audio Level

Consent to Film

Be sure to become familiar with the laws and policies in your state and district surrounding the filming of students. Even though the focus is on improving yourself, in some places, students may need to consent to being recorded.

Setting Up a Group

I recorded myself teaching about applying the Pythagorean Theorem. What’s next?
Now let’s upload the video to Edivate Review. To start, you are going to need a group. Do you have a small number of people, such as in your PLC, as members in a group in Edivate?
No, I don’t. Why do I need a group?
Groups manage who can review your video. If you are the only person who should be reviewing the video, you’d want to create a private group with you as the only member. But normally, you will want at least a small group of people you trust to give you feedback.
OK. I can create a private group for my PLC and then invite them as members.

How Do I Set Up a Group?

Visit the section titled Create Your Own Group in Help for more information on how to set up a group.

Uploading a Video

My group is set. Show me how to upload my video.
No problem. The process may be different depending on which device you are using, but I’ll show you how to do it from your computer.

Uploading a Video

Upload your video "myClass.Mp4" to the Kuleana Academy PLC group.

  1. Click the main menu in the navigation bar.
  2. Click Groups.
  3. Click View to view your group.
  4. Click the Review tab to access Edivate Review.
  5. Click the Add a Video list and click Upload.
  6. Click the Choose File button to select a video to upload.
  7. Open the myClass video.
  8. Start your upload.
  9. The video you have uploaded will take some time to process. The page will refresh when it is completely processed. Click the Close button.
  10. Great job! You're now ready to collaborate.